Kazuya Ono

Graphic Design
Art Direction

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MOSAIC - Business Card
MOSAIC - Website Design
MOSAIC - Tote Bag
MOSAIC - Tote Bag

I was in charge of creating visuals for MOSAIC, an online record store specializing in new releases, curated by the store's owner who has a deep knowledge of classics of jazz, soul, disco, hip-hop, AOR, and rock.

The name of the store implies that different elements unite to form one beautiful entity, emphasizing the multicultural aspect of the record store that brings together diverse music from all over the world.

The logotype was crafted based on Gill Sans, a typeface released in 1928, the year the 12-inch 45 rpm record, a staple of dance music, first appeared. It symbolizes the active release of new analog vinyl records, even in an era dominated by digital formats.



ロゴタイプは、ダンスミュージックの定番である12インチ45回転のレコードが初めて登場した1928年にリリースされた書体、Gill Sansをベースに開発しました。デジタルが主流の現代でも、アナログレコードの新譜が活発にリリースされていることを象徴しています。