Kazuya Ono

Graphic Design
Art Direction

/ available for freelance work


Quantonic “Overmind”


Creative Direction by Ignat Karmalito.
Cover artwork by Sergey Filatov.

Overmind - Album Cover (Front)
Overmind - Album Cover
Overmind - Album Cover (Back)
Overmind - Album Cover (Inside)
Overmind - CD Face
Overmind - Album Cover (Inside)

This album was produced in the heart of Moscow, based on the idea of translating the rhythms and grooves of ancient folk music to the dance floor using modern electronic instruments.
Employing a diverse range of electronic instruments such as Nord Lead, MemoryMoog, JUNO-106, JX-8P, TR-909, and others, these rhythms and grooves are reinterpreted as electronic tribalism.

The artwork by Sergey Filatov featured on the cover symbolizes the artist's own spiritual journey from the hustle and bustle of the city to the jungle and the great outdoors.
By replicating and linking this artwork in a looping fashion, the design resonates with the philosophy of dance music that has persisted since ancient times.

Nord Lead、MemoryMoog、JUNO-106、JX-8P、TR-909など多様な電子楽器を駆使し、このリズムとグルーヴをエレクトロニック・トライバリズムとして再解釈しています。

カバーに採用したSergey Filatov氏のアートワークは、都市の喧騒からジャングルや大自然へと向かうアーティスト本人の精神的な旅を象徴しています。