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CitiZen of Peace “Intersoul”


Creative Direction & Booklet illustration by Ignat Karmalito.
Cover artwork by Sean Caulfield.
Manga drawings by Katsutoshi Murase.

Intersoul - Album Cover (Front)
Intersoul - Album Cover (Back)
Intersoul - CD Sleeve
Intersoul - CD face
Intersoul - Booklet
Intersoul - Booklet
Intersoul - Booklet
Intersoul - Booklet
Intersoul - Album Cover
Intersoul - Website Design
Intersoul - Website Design
Intersoul - Website Design
Intersoul - Website Design
Intersoul - Website Design
Intersoul - Promotional Kit
Intersoul - Promotional Kit
Intersoul - Promotional Kit

Intersoul, the second album by world-traveling artist "CitiZen of Peace," was born out of an exchange between the Pygmies of Gabon, Africa and the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert.
Their rituals, which have a history of tens of thousands of years, revolve around "dance" and "rhythm. Their clapping and singing are fused with performances by top-notch Japanese musicians and sublimated into contemporary music.

The cover features artwork by Sean Caulfield, an artist who grew up in South Africa.
The artwork is based on a "shapeshifter" pattern that has been painted on rock walls for tens of thousands of years, depicting the mutation of humans into something other than humans through music and dance (= Trance).

In order to reproduce the texture of the original drawing that was done on plaster casts made from rocks using the same technique as in those days, the base printing was done on kraft paper with several coats of white paint.
As the book is opened and closed repeatedly, the ground color of the kraft paper peeks out from areas where it has been rubbed or where the ink has cracked at the folds, bringing it closer to the texture of a real rock surface.

The enclosed booklet contains field recordings made in the field, studio recordings made in Japan, and detailed records of the participating musicians for all the songs, so that the reader can follow in the footsteps of the artists.
The latter half of the booklet contains a short story, serving as a mechanism to help the reader feel the message of the album more deeply.

世界中を旅するアーティスト「CitiZen of Peace」のセカンドアルバム「Intersoul」は、アフリカ・ガボンのピグミーとカラハリ砂漠のブッシュマンとの交流から生まれました。

カバーには、南アフリカで育った作家、Sean Caulfieldの作品を起用しました。 このアートワークは、数万年前から岩壁に描かれていた「シェイプシフター」と呼ばれる図案を基にしたもので、ヒトが音楽と踊りを通してヒト以外のモノへと変異していく様(= Trance)が描かれています。

岩を型取った石膏に当時と同じ手法で描かれた原画の質感を再現するため、印刷はクラフト紙に白塗りを数回重ねたものをベースに使用しました。 何度も開閉を繰り返すうちに、擦れや、折り目のインクが割れた部分から、クラフト紙の地色が顔をのぞかせることで本物の岩肌のような風合いに近づけています。